No kettlebell, no problem! Try this from my friend, * * * * * * O

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No kettlebell, no problem! Try this from my friend, * * * * * * O
No kettlebell, no problem! Try this from my friend, * * * * * * Okay...for my friends that are still waiting for their Kettlebells to be delivered!!!! A good little fullbody workout with no equipment...ok a slippery floor and a pair of socks would be an asset....but not necessary. Warmup. Then do all exercises 45-60 sec. Do 1-3x through....... 1. Skating (Lateral Jumps) 2. Alt Reverse Lunge to Squat - you can make this harder by not standing up in between. Aim to keep your gaze up and your chest proud. 3. Pushup, Hands Off 4. Jumping Jack, Jab 5. One Leg Knee Balance to Airplane - it is great to do this one with your hands on your hips as a tactile reference to help you keep your hips level. If you can't balance on one leg yet set the other toe down as a kickstand using as little as possible :) Be sure to do both sides. 6. Double Tuck to Jack Plank - If you dont have a slippery floor or socks then hop in and out or step in and out one leg at a time. 7. Swimmer Burpees - If you can't slide burpee down to stomach safely and then to 2 superwoman spinal extensions...then back up Happy Moving!! As my friend Liz says....Motion is Lotion!!!

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